VAMPS Assessment (Visual Activity, Motor, Postural, & Sensorimotor)


For children and adults.

Many children and adults struggle with functional visual deficits that are not seen in regular eye/vision screenings looking for 20/20 vision. Therapists are noticing many patients with postural and core weakness along with visual perceptual deficits impeding function.

This assessment is unique and created to seek visual, perceptual, motor performance, sensory, core, and functional weakness in children and adults.



Use this assessment as a stand-alone or as a supplement to your intake questionnaire, sensory integration assessment, and functional observations. Remember that functional deficits should be noted in all cases. Instructions are provided for each section. Observations can be noted during the completion of other clinical tasks for some sub-sections. As a whole, core muscle strength, functional vision, sensorimotor, posture, vestibular function, and gross motor for balance, seating, dynamic stability, and movement in all planes is considered. *Assessment is non-standardized

Ages:  Use for children ages four and through adulthood. Perfect for those with developmental delays, learning disorders, history of trauma, brain/head injury, those who spend <3 hours daily on technological devices, autism, learning disorders, etc.

Time:  Can be administered in one, sixty-minute session. Can stand alone or used in combination with the sensory profile or developmental scales for younger children in subsequent treatment sessions.

Administration:  Easy to administer for clinicians of all skill abilities. Thorough directions are provided with the assessment. Follow-up treatment activities contained in the book: Sensorimotor Interventions with norms for prone extension and supine flexion provided.

Purchase Includes: 19 pages include non-standardized assessment and specific instructions for completion. *DOWNLOAD expires after 14 days, but if you contact us at we will be happy to refresh the download permission to give you more time.

Assessment Based On Children and adults spend increased time on the computer and electronic devices resulting in many dysfunctions in motor skills, core muscle weakness, balance for proprioceptive and vestibular function is impaired and visual-perceptual skills are lacking. Functional delays result and are becoming more apparent.

-The eyes are the window to the brain.
-Vision is the foundation for our perceptual experiences as humans.
-Our eyes collect light and turn it into images. We process these images to make sense of what we see.
-How we ‘see’ the world is how we ‘view’ it.
-Eye strain brings headaches, refusals, postural deformities, neck pain, and dryness of the eyes.
-The ear has 5 receptors responsible for positional information and accelerations in space.
-The auditory system’s vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII) is critical for arousal, attention, orientation in space, sound, posture.
-The curvature of the spine is FUNCTIONALLY based.
-The brainstem is critical for regulation.

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VAMPS How-To Video

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